DIY Key Holder

Never lose your keys again. Make a personalized DIY key holder that will help keep them more organized. Follow this tutorial to make your own hallway key organizer.

I made a creative his and hers key holder for our entryway hall and I am loving it! It is totally personalized and unique for us, not to mention very functional and useful. This was a fun craft project to do. And it only took me a small afternoon from start to finish.

What I love even more is that this wooden key holder is not only super useful but is a decoration for our entryway, too. We have had it up for a few days now, and we already got lots of comments from guests who are checking out the images I used.

An organizing project that doubles as home decor! Perfect.

How to make your own key Organizer

This project started in frustration.

Frustration with myself mostly.

I was getting so tired of always losing my keys. My different keychains just had to many places they could be: in the small key bowl, in my coat pockets, in my purse, dropped somewhere on any and all flat surface, at the bottom of a bag….

I decided that I wanted a very special, designated spot for our keys so that I would never displace them again. And as all DIYers do, I decided to attempt to create my next masterpiece and make myself a nice key hanger.

Speaking of designated spots…

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DIY key organizer for entryway wall

I thought about the best spot where a keyholder should be placed and where to put the key hooks. Placing the keys in the entryway on the wall next to the front door was the obvious best choice. I always enter with keys in hand, being able to place them in their own spot right there and then simply makes the most sense.

Minimizing the risk of me wandering inside and mindlessly dropping the keys off in the wrong spot, so to speak.

I also wanted my homemade key holder to look nice on the wall. In the entryway, it is, after all, one of the first things you see, and although functionality is important, beauty definitely is too.

diy storage for a small hallway. Storage solutions for under the stairs space. Organizing hacks for entryway

Especially since my last organizing project in this hallway turned out so pretty. My DIY keycain holder had to match my under-the-stairs storage area and look at least as good.

That’s why I decided to come up with my version of a DIY photo frame key holder. I like that there are personal pictures of us on the key organizer and that I can change them out from time to time if the mood strikes me.

Making this DIY keyholder for our wall took a bit of preparation.

diy key organizer

I didn’t have any childhood pictures of Mr. Bird so I enlisted the help of his mother and went through a whole bunch of their photo albums in search of the right one. I think that proud little boy on his balance bike shaped like a poodle puppy is so cute. I love it.

How to make Key Holder for the Wall

Making this DIY key organizer was not complicated; it is, in fact, a simple DIY, and it requires very little woodworking skills. It just required some precision and patience. Two qualities I do not possess. This is why I am so happy that that little boy in the picture grew up to be a perfectionist DIY-er with outstanding qualities like patience and precision-mindedness in spades.

In the end, I came up with the idea and did all the prep work. Then, I stood next to the guy while he perfectly measured, marked, drilled, and assembled all the hooks. Then, I finished it all off with the finishing touches.

The first step is to figure out how many key chains you want to organize on the key holder and to search images that will match those keychains.

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Steps to make this personalized wooden key rack

  • Gather your materials including the images you want to use
  • Check to see if all your screws are short enough so they won’t come out at the back/front
  • Attach the picture hangers on the back first
  • On the front lay out all the clips, images, hooks, and keychains to determine placement and spacing
  • Carefully measure and mark where every clip and hook needs to go
  • Make a little hole with the scratch awl so your drill won’t slip
  • Predrill all holes

Attach the bulldog clips with a small screwdriver. I used a permanent marker to make that screw black so it was less visible.

Double check to see if your hooks are not too long for the board. Mine were so I used a hand metal saw to cut the screw thread in half (which was much easier and quicker than I anticipated).

Assemble and style. And Enjoy!

I really love that my DIY key chain display doubles as wall art in my small entryway. Oh, and that I now have a place for our sunglasses too, is definitely a bonus. Who could have thought that adding a little key storage to my home would bring me so much joy and make me feel all zen?

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DIY key organizer for entryway wall

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