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How to Make a Jewelry Organizer (super easy DIY)

How to Make a Jewelry Organizer (super easy DIY)

Organize your earrings, necklaces, and rings with a DIY jewelry organizer made from a thrift store frame and a piece of leftover fabric. Let’s make a wall-mounted jewelry holder that’s both functional and pretty.

I’ve recently been on a thrift store scavenger hunt; the last one was particularly successful. I found an old, beat-up, empty wooden frame with a nice, simple floral design in the corners that was just waiting for a new purpose in life. I decided that this old picture frame would be perfect to help me fix a disorganized and tangled-up mess and install some order back into my life.

DIY Jewelry Holder Picture Frame

Since the vintage frame was so pretty, I thought it would look nice in my dressing area and add a bit of wall decor to that corner of my room.

So I set out to make a DIY

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