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What to Do With Old Socks (24 Great Ideas)

What to Do With Old Socks (24 Great Ideas)

Many households need a place to put socks. As a mom of five, we have a lot of socks passing through the laundry room on any given week. Most socks come out of the dryer and quickly find their match, but what about those sitting alone for months in the sock bin?

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You can repurpose old socks in numerous creative and practical ways. Most socks are still in good condition with a lot of life left in them, but even old, worn-out socks can be repurposed.

From crafting to cleaning and beauty to travel, here are 24 ideas for what to do with old socks.

1. Sock Puppets

If you want a fun activity for kids, try making a sock puppet! You can turn any sock into a puppet with a bit of imagination and little to no sewing skills.

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