Justin Business & AutomotiveUncategorizedDIY Recipe Box (using a wine crate)
Justin Business & AutomotiveUncategorizedDIY Recipe Box (using a wine crate)

DIY Recipe Box (using a wine crate)

DIY Recipe Box (using a wine crate)

Learn how to make a cheap DIY recipe box from a repurposed wine crate. Fun and easy craft project making a family recipe box using a wine crate.

If you love cooking and are a vivid collector of recipes (as I am) then you might share this problem: how to store and organize those loose recipes so you can find them when you want to use them.

DIY recipe box from a decorated wine crate

If you are the kind of recipe collector that writes them all down on neat index cards and categorizes them by ingredient and dinner course, then I tip my hat to you.

I am not that organized when it comes to my favorite family recipes. But I have a few truly vintage recipes that I want to keep safe and easy to use. In my current system chaos, I was bound to lose or damage them so I wanted a better way to keep them safe.

So I set out to create a family recipe box that was A) cute, B) cheap, and C) really easy to make.

family recipe box from a decorated wine crate

I made this DIY recipe box using a wine crate I had laying around and simply decorated the box with some sharpie decorations. Easy, quick, and very affordable.

So let’s get started: how to make a cheap DIY recipe box.

How to Make a Recipe Box

The steps for making a personal recipe box couldn’t be easier:

  1. Decide on the form of your recipes (index cards, printouts, cutouts)
  2. Find a box or crate that fits the size of your recipes
  3. Decorate the box in your own personal style
  4. Organize the recipes inside the box (use dividers to categorize them) and done!

Couldn’t be easier.

Now let me show you how I made my wine crate recipe box.

How to decorate a plain wooden wine box.

plain wooden wine crate

First I rescued this wine crate from the dump pile. As you can see it had been in that pile for a bit. Luckily enough it wasn’t too roughed up. Nothing that a good wipe and some soap and water couldn’t fix. When it was clean and dry I went on to the next step.

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how to decorate a wine crate with a sharpie
L’eau fait pleurer, le vin chanter — Water makes you cry, wine makes you sing

I practiced on the wrong side of the wooden lid first. I drew a decoration that reminded me of henna tattoos like in this pin. Although my design was nothing as fancy as that. Then I drew a grid of dots on the side of the wine crate to help me transfer the design over.

If you are a perfectionist you might want to make a proper template of your design and use a transfer method to draw it on the crate. I was going for the handmade look so I wasn’t too concerned with perfection.

drawing a design on a wooden wine crate

I drew my design with a pencil which allowed me to erase mistakes.

drawing a henna desing on a wine box with pen

Then I redrew the design with an acid-free ink pen with a soft tip.

personalised diy recipe box

Next up was putting on an audiobook and starting stippling away. Making dots and dots and more dots to fill in my designs on all sides of the wine box.

That part was fun and didn’t nearly take as long as I thought.

I did a little test run if it would work to add a protective glaze over the crate but it didn’t. It made the ink run on the wood. Maybe in the future, I’ll try to see if a protective oil would work. But for now, I am happy with the outcome.

Next came the most fun part. Collecting those old recipes and giving them their proper home. I have some old handwritten recipes from my mom that are at least 40 years old, and that I treasure.

family recipes in diy recipe box

There are also some recipes my sister typed out for my mom when she was learning to type on one of those analog typewriters (that are so old we didn’t even know the word analog back then).

And I have a few menus I collected on vacations that have inspiring ideas on them that I am meaning to recreate. As well as some cutouts from very old magazines.

diy recipe box vintage recipes

It all went into my wine crate as is. No need for index cards or any kind of real organization. I have no patience for that. But this wine crate idea for a recipe box really works well with that kind of recipe organization too.

Diane from In My Own Style made a wonderful vintage wine crate recipe box that is perfect for use with cards.

If you like her project but can’t find vintage wine crates then you can fake them with this technique I showed you in the post on how to make a new wine crate look old and french.

Another great idea for a recipe box is this recipe cabinet redo by the Apple Street Cottage.

DIY recipe box using a wine crate

I am really happy with how easy and fun this DIY recipe box project was. It came out even better than I had hoped.

Now I’ll have to go hunt for more recipes that are worthy of my homemade recipe box.

Luckily some of my friends in the Pinterest Challenge group have been sharing their favorite recipes. So I am sure there are some keepers among those.

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