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Justin Business & AutomotiveUncategorized101 Top DIY Organizing Ideas

101 Top DIY Organizing Ideas

101 Top DIY Organizing Ideas

Find the BEST DIY home organizing ideas you can create for your home today. Learn how to get your home back in order with these wonderful, cost-efficient DIY home organization projects.

We all want to love our homes, don’t we? And I do! On most days, I am so happy and grateful for my little white house.

DIY Organizing Ideas washi tape organizer key holder

But sometimes it is hard to feel good about my home, especially when it is a big mess. When there are no clear surfaces, when I have trouble closing my junk drawer, when stuff starts to fall out of my closet, then I become an irritable, grouchy, not-at-all fun person to live with.

I strongly believe in good old sayings like “for everything a place and everything in its place”, because I know that when the mess around me accumulates so does the stuffiness and moodiness in my head. To feel bright, happy, and energetic, and to have a clear head, it helps so much to have my surroundings in order, my house clean and organized, and the stuff around me in its place.

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Declutter before you Organize

Just a friendly neighborhood reminder before we dive into creating lots of original and useful organizing solutions, it’s important to make sure we are not organizing our clutter. What’s trash is trash and needs to leave. What’s no longer useful, and no longer loved, can go. And be honest, we really don’t need duplicates of duplicates ‘just-in-case’, so let’s get rid of it.

I guess that’s why I go on a cleaning and organizing streak regularly. I am by no means a minimalist, and I do have my hoarding tendencies (especially in my craft room), but in general, I do not have a problem with throwing out what is no longer used or loved.

If you want some tips on how to get in the decluttering mood and to do it fast and efficiently, you will like my post on my five favorite ways to declutter and organize my home.

Well now that we are done decluttering and getting rid of the obvious mess in our homes. Let’s get to the fun part! I’ve gathered a lot of inspiration for organizing all the important rooms in your house. I have selected fun DIY organizing projects you can make yourself. A lot of them are straightforward and easy and can be finished in a couple of hours. There are also some projects for the more advanced DIY-er. And if upcycling and thrift store hunting is your thing you will be pleased to find some fun repurposed organizing projects too.

And my absolute favorite storage projects? Those that add some lovely touch to my home decor as well as being an organizing hack. You’ll find examples of those projects too.

DIY Hallway Organizing Projects

Your hallway or entryway is the first thing you see when you enter the house. It should be inviting, set the mood, and be a happy place. At the same time, hallways are usually also clutter magnets. It’s where the coats, hats, and shoes come off, where toys are lost and it’s where we need to store lots of stuff and at the same time most hallways aren’t that big and a lot of them do not have a lot of built-in storage space.

So let’s create some hallway organizing first.

hallway organizing ideas with baskets totes and coat hanger

Kitchen Organisation Ideas

The kitchen is certainly a high-traffic and hard-working room. It needs to hold a lot of tools, appliances, and kitchen utensils. Even if you are lucky to have a kitchen with lots of storage space in the form of cabinets, drawers, a lot of counter space, and a pantry, things can still get out of hand quickly. And if you have a small kitchen then you will need good storage ideas even more. Let me help you with some useful DIY kitchen organizing ideas.

  1. Kitchen drawer organizing
  2. How to organise your kitchen counter tutorial
  3. How to organise your whole kitchen
  4. DIY tea towel flatware holder
  5. Organize your spice cabinet
  6. Inexpensive pantry organizing ideas
  7. How to organize pot lids
  8. DIY magnetic knife rack
  9. Spice rack DIY
  10. Kitchen storage from a vintage wine crate
  11. DIY wood coffee station
  12. DIY knife and cutting board drawer
  13. Measuring cup organization
Kitchen organizing ideas vintage winebox on countertop

DIY Bathroom organization

Why is a one-purpose room like the bathroom always so messy? Maybe because we tend to use the bathroom when we are in a hurry. That’s why it is so important that we can easily find everything we need to get ready fast. And of course also to put everything back in its place when we are done. Let’s no longer waste time searching for our makeup in the crevices of our vanity. Please enjoy these DIY bathroom organizing and storage solutions.

  1. Bathroom storage ideas
  2. File box apliance storage
  3. Toolbox upcycle bathroom storage
  4. Mason jar tissue holder
  5. DIY bathroom cabinet
  6. Dollar store drawer organizing
  7. Junk style toilet paper roll storage
  8. Mason jar toothbrush holder
  9. DIY toilet paper holder and shelf
  10. Small corner shelves bathroom organizers
  11. Nail polish shelf organizer
  12. Hidden diy bathroom storage
  13. Yardstick toilet paper holder
  14. DIY bathroom ladder
bathroom organizing folded towels and soaps in silver bowl

Craft room Organizing

I love craft room organizing! It is my favorite procrastination habit to scroll the internet for pictures of super-organized craft rooms. Aren’t those neat rows of colorful paints satisfying? I love the super organized paper stations, the drawers with neatly folded pieces of fabric, the colorful rolls of ribbon and tape, and the creative ways people store stamps and stuff. If you are looking for some great ideas to organize your craft room DIY style, then check out these favorites of mine.

  1. Organizing a small craft closet
  2. Sewing room organizing ideas
  3. DIY ironing station
  4. Attic space craft room ideas
  5. DIY copper and denim craft caddy
  6. Washi tape storage idea
  7. DIY vinyl and paper storage
  8. DIY swing-out shelves for paints
  9. Repurposed jug craft storage
  10. Creative paint storage
  11. DIY craft caddy for storing pens
  12. DIY thread organizer
Craft room organizing ideas with lace in glass containers and painted mini suitcases

DIY Closet Organizing Ideas

Built-in closets are not really a thing here in Europe. We mostly use large wardrobes and chests to organize our clothes and shoes. I dream of a proper walk-in closet though. And when I’ll have that home that allows me to have a proper closet I will be all ready for it. I have been collecting the best ideas for creating organized closets for years. Let me share my favorite closet organizing ideas.

  1. Maximize a tiny closet
  2. Organize the bottom of the closet
  3. DIY closet storage shelves
  4. How to tidy your bedroom closet
  5. DIY storage bins
  6. DIY closet shoe tray
  7. From entertainment center to shoe storage
  8. Custom closet organizer with bins
  9. Linen closet makeover
  10. DIY closet shelving plan
  11. Best small closet organization tips
  12. DIY scarf holder
Closet organizing ideas with a wall papered wardrobe

Home Office Organisation Projects

How on earth can we deal with all the paper clutter that tends to accumulate in our home office station? And what about all those super essential office supplies? I am not a fan of doing my administration chores and it definitely helps when my office is in order and super organized. That’s why I love these office organization hacks, they make doing paperwork much more bearable.

  1. How to organize paperwork
  2. DIY desk organizer
  3. Office drawer organizer diy
  4. Giant cork board
  5. DIY printer stand storage
  6. Painted tin containers
  7. DIY drawer dividers
  8. Upcycled file cabinet diy
  9. DIY cork pin board
  10. Mason jar desk organizer
  11. How to build a desk in a closet
  12. How to build a pegboard wall
  13. DIY file bench
home office diy organizing ideas white desk with pastel office accessories

DIY Organizing tools and Solutions

The creativity of fellow bloggers and DIY aficionados never ceases to amaze me. And especially when it comes to coming up with organizing solutions for every corner of the home and for every loose stray object you can imagine. There are projects for the garage, the car, ways to use thrift store finds, and upcycle old clothes.

  1. Organization ideas for small spaces
  2. Essential oils storage basket
  3. Attic storage idea for a sloped roof
  4. How to style a bookcase
  5. How to store workout equipment
  6. Laundry room organising ideas
  7. Car organization ideas
  8. DIY side table with storage
  9. DIY pretty storage boxes
  10. Upcycled jeans pocket holder
  11. How to line drawers with wallpaper
  12. Screwdriver organizer DIY
DIY organizing ideas essential oils basket

DIY Jewelry Organizers

Oh, the tangled mess that can come from disorganized jewelry. And the frustration from never finding the second one of that pair of earrings. Sound familiar? Then you will love these DIY jewelry organizers that will needly store your necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

  1. Upcycled wood jewelry organizer
  2. Burlap jewelry organizer
  3. DIY framed jewelry organizer
  4. Hanging necklace holder
  5. DIY jewelry storage
  6. DIY necklace holder
  7. DIY mirrored jewelry tray
  8. DIY wall necklace hanger
  9. Hidden jewelry organizer DIY
  10. DIY wall jewelry organizer
  11. Pretty geometric jewelry holder
  12. Ring and earring organizer
  13. Super fun jewelry holder diy
DIY jewelry organizing ideas burlap framed necklace holder

So what was your favorite project? Aren’t you impressed by all these DIY organization ideas to create extra storage and to cull the chaos? And do you feel better in an organized and clutter-free home too?

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